Christine Fecteau

What is the Cloud?

Over the last several years, you have probably heard about “the Cloud”, and how people are moving to “the Cloud”. But what is “the Cloud”? What is the difference between public and private cloud? And why would you want to move to “the Cloud”?

Backup and Recovery Testing

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about Backup Best Practices, RTO & RPO, and Business Continuity. We briefly talked about recovery in the Backup Best Practices blog; here we’re going to expound on that process.

Creating A Solid Business Continuity Plan To Protect Your Business



When talking about business continuity, and disaster recovery, the two terms RTO and RPO frequently come up.  But what are they? What do they mean?  And how do you determine what your RTO and RPO values are?  RTO and RPO sound similar, and may go...

Backup Best Practices

“I’m SO SORRY!! I clicked the link!!  :-(“  You read that line a second time, and now calls are already coming into the help desk.  The main file share, aka “dumping ground” has been encrypted with a message that for 10 bitcoin you can get your...

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