7 Reasons Your Startup Needs Managed IT Services

Reliable IT help is a must for any new startup in the modern world, however not every company has the need or ability to maintain a full-time IT department. While some companies opt to solve this problem by doing without professional IT help and...

How Important is Customer Satisfaction?

Reading the title of the blog post you might be saying to yourself, "What a silly question, of course it is important." Perhaps the real question is, how do you know how satisfied your customers really are?If your answer is that "you just know"...

What is the Cloud?

Over the last several years, you have probably heard about “the Cloud”, and how people are moving to “the Cloud”. But what is “the Cloud”? What is the difference between public and private cloud? And why would you want to move to “the Cloud”?

Reverse Proxy Tomcat with Internet Information Server


Artificial Intelligence’s Impact On IT & What It Means For You

by Bryon Beilman | June 02, 2020 | IT Management, IT Support, AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science dedicated to creating a system that can perform human tasks, e.g. speech recognition, learning, problem solving, and data analysis. With AI capabilities, computers will be able to...

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