How to Distribute Company Office Templates and Images using SharePoint

Marketing departments often struggle to get everyone to use Company Templates. Traditionally, Templates were pushed using GPOs or Registry edits, and accessed over a shared drive on a network or pushed to the user’s machines locally. These policies...

Active Directory Authenticated CIFS (Samba) File Sharing with Ubuntu Linux 22.04

A while back we looked at setting up both CentOS 8, and Ubuntu 20.04 CIFS file server with Active Directory Authentication.  This blog is going to go through the same exercise, except using Ubuntu Linux 22.04 LTS.  While there are many approaches to...

Why the culture of your IT company matters

Good company culture is like a food recipe; there is a lot of prep work, elements and time that goes into it, and when it’s good, everyone loves it, and when it’s bad, everyone knows it. The culture can affect a company in positive and negative...

Moving a Microsoft SharePoint folder using Power Automate

Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool

To set the stage, you may already be familiar with the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool.  This is a free and simple tool that can be used to migrate content from SharePoint server or from a local or network...

How To Calculate UNIX File Permissions


Unix file permissions can seem a bit daunting to everyone. This guide will help to have a solid grasp on setting the correct permissions for all UNIX file system. Covering both Linux and Mac distributions.

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