SELinux: Why it's time to stop turning it off

We hear it over and over again, how Linux is more secure—yada..yada..yada…. While that can be true its only true if the computer environment is configured properly. Security is done in layers, and often layers that seem troublesome are removed,...

Why the culture of your IT company matters

Good company culture is like a food recipe; there is a lot of prep work, elements and time that goes into it, and when it’s good, everyone loves it, and when it’s bad, everyone knows it. The culture can affect a company in positive and negative...

Three Tips for Successfully Navigating the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation hit the workforce hard, especially in fields that experienced extreme increases in demand because of COVID-19, accordingto Harvard Business Review. Many organizations had to halt or delay projects, focusing their energy on...

Moving a Microsoft SharePoint folder using Power Automate

Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool

To set the stage, you may already be familiar with the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool.  This is a free and simple tool that can be used to migrate content from SharePoint server or from a local or network...

How To Calculate UNIX File Permissions


Unix file permissions can seem a bit daunting to everyone. This guide will help to have a solid grasp on setting the correct permissions for all UNIX file system. Covering both Linux and Mac distributions.

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