The Science of Chaos to Clarity

What do you do when your life is in Chaos? Perhaps you call a close friend, a family member, a mentor or an advisor and seek help. When things get to a state where the word chaos can be used, stopping to reflect and reach out may not be a luxury...

The Importance of Strong Vendor Relationships

Let’s start by thinking of a scenario in which you ran into an issue, small or large, and knew you needed to seek out help.  I can certainly think of a few and can say the same for others.  You most certainly are not alone in this. 

Are Ransomware Attacks Data Breaches?

Everyone is familiar with, or has heard of, ransomware. It has been around in some fashion since 1989, with notable resurgence in 2005 and 2013. The original idea was to extort money from the victims by gaining access to their systems and...

Sound Digital Security Practices for Companies

Advancements in technology have made things easier for businesses, but as modern companies put more and more of their infrastructure online, they become easier to attack. Digital business data, personal employee information and proprietary...

A Conversation Every CEO Should Have with Their IT Staff

I’ve never seen an IT department that didn’t have some secrets. I’m not talking about the root password here. I’m talking about skeletons in the closet…the kind that make systems managers lose sleep.

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