The DevOps Mindset: What You Need to Make DevOps Successful


If you’ve been working in tech for a few years, you’ve probably seen a DevOps transition. The experience tends to be illuminating and often reveals volumes about company management. Restructuring in any company is a difficult process, but DevOps

7 Reasons Your Startup Needs Managed IT Services

Reliable IT help is a must for any new startup in the modern world, however not every company has the need or ability to maintain a full-time IT department. While some companies opt to solve this problem by doing without professional IT help and...

How Reducing Technical Debt Saves Your Business Money in the Long Run

When you think of debt your company carries, you're likely thinking about the financial obligations you have to any of your creditors, but this is not the only form of debt you should be aware of. In the modern working world, technology is an ...

What is the Cloud?

Over the last several years, you have probably heard about “the Cloud”, and how people are moving to “the Cloud”. But what is “the Cloud”? What is the difference between public and private cloud? And why would you want to move to “the Cloud”?

Safeguard & Support Your Biotech With Comprehensive IT Management

For a growing biotech company, managed IT services are one of the most important building blocks needed to achieve success. In addition to promoting staff productivity and keeping operations running smoothly, managed services offer vital security...

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