Enhancing Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry

With recent growth in technological capabilities for healthcare including telehealth visits, remote monitoring, digital health, and other innovative practices utilizing the internet and cloud-based services, the risk for cybercrime has increased...

Responsibility of Cybersecurity Compliance Regulations

Cybersecurity compliance regulations have become a pressing concern with the rising tide of digital transformation. Keeping up with these ever-evolving regulations is a responsibility that all parties should shoulder diligently. By prioritizing...

Cloud to Cloud Backups - Why One Cloud is No Longer Enough

Cloud applications and Sofware-as-a-service (SaaS) programs like Microsoft 365, HubSpot, Salesforce, Box, Slack, and Dropbox are becoming increasingly popular in today’s workplace. Many of these applications and services are critical to the...

Maximizing Data Management in Biotech & Life Sciences

iuvo excels when it comes to effectively managing immense volumes of perpetually retained data, and this superpower helps us serve a wide range of customers in the dynamic and data-driven industries of biotech and life sciences.

Unmasking Zombie Resources: Streamlining Cloud Costs in Biotech

Within the areas of biotech and life sciences, corporations harness the potential of cloud technology to drive innovation, bolster their research capacity and capabilities, and expedite breakthroughs. However, there is a hidden menace lurking within...

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