What Should an Efficient DevOps Framework Look Like?

by Bryon Beilman | September 22, 2020 | IT Infrastructure, devops, IT Services


For any traditional organization, the work (and subsequent success) of development and operations teams is assessed by different results. Developers pay close attention to the number and quality of the delivered updates, but the operations team...

The DevOps Mindset: What You Need to Make DevOps Successful


If you’ve been working in tech for a few years, you’ve probably seen a DevOps transition. The experience tends to be illuminating and often reveals volumes about company management. Restructuring in any company is a difficult process, but DevOps

Tasteful DevOps: An Opinionated View on the Importance of Flexibility

A Matter of Taste

DevOps is a philosophy for managing software products and services. It is not a checklist for development and deployment. Like food, DevOps is based on a combination of physical and cultural elements. If you compare DevOps to...

Saving Money With Amazon Web Services Reserved Instances

It seems like a strange thing to come across, but sometimes when you are dealing with clients who are utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their resources, you find wasted opportunities to save money. Sometimes it is nervousness about...

Examples of resource sharing that benefit from using a transit gateway

Building on my last blog, there are cases where transit gateways can allow you to significantly cut down on the number of resources that you deploy. In cases where those resources are lightly used, this can lead to a substantial reduction in...

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