5 Major Tech Issues & How to Resolve Them

We live in times with unprecedented challenges to companies in the global economy. Daily life and work have moved into the virtual sphere, and the shift has highlighted underlying business technological issues that are getting in the way of...

Put Your Money Where Your Cloud is!


Through the last few months, I have been presenting to and consulting with numerous financial organizations on the topic of modernization. There are discussions around resiliency, mobilization, scale, growth, compliance, and customer service...

Why High-Tech Companies Should Invest in an IT Partner

When it comes down to it, every software and technology business needs IT to run efficiently. You might think that high-tech businesses working in Fintech, Software, Green-tech, Semiconductors, EDA may not have many challenges when it comes to IT...

How Information Technology Helps Us

In 2019, I could have written a great blog about how information technology helps us, individually and as a society. Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to put information technology to the test, on a global scale.

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