Understanding The Blue Screen of Death

The color blue is supposed to make one feel calm, relaxed and secure.  The color blue represents stability.  Ironically, if you happen to experience what is referred to as the “Blue Screen of Death” in the Windows world, the feelings that are...

Shifting Gears: Why Work from Anywhere is Replacing Work from Home

Regardless of where you are in the world, businesses have experienced a major shift during the past few months. When the pandemic first began the main goal was to figure out how to work remotelyNow that many people have comfortably adjusted...

Safeguard & Support Your Biotech With Comprehensive IT Management

For a growing biotech company, managed IT services are one of the most important building blocks needed to achieve success. In addition to promoting staff productivity and keeping operations running smoothly, managed services offer vital security...

Backup and Recovery Testing

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about Backup Best Practices, RTO & RPO, and Business Continuity. We briefly talked about recovery in the Backup Best Practices blog; here we’re going to expound on that process.

Reverse Proxy Tomcat with Internet Information Server


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