Safeguard & Support Your Biotech With Comprehensive IT Management

For a growing biotech company, managed IT services are one of the most important building blocks needed to achieve success. In addition to promoting staff productivity and keeping operations running smoothly, managed services offer vital security...

Backup and Recovery Testing

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about Backup Best Practices, RTO & RPO, and Business Continuity. We briefly talked about recovery in the Backup Best Practices blog; here we’re going to expound on that process.

Reverse Proxy Tomcat with Internet Information Server


Why Your Biotech Company Needs Professional IT Services

Technology plays a crucial role in nearly all modern industries and having a strong IT framework to look after your company's interests is essential. The biotech industry is no different. In fact, we would argue it is even more vital for a...

How To Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication for Google And Microsoft

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is the use of more than one security mechanism to access your accounts instead of the outdated way of setting a single password you can remember (or unfortunately write down where others can access it) and hope...

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