The Science of Chaos to Clarity

What do you do when your life is in Chaos? Perhaps you call a close friend, a family member, a mentor or an advisor and seek help. When things get to a state where the word chaos can be used, stopping to reflect and reach out may not be a luxury...

The Importance of Strong Vendor Relationships

Let’s start by thinking of a scenario in which you ran into an issue, small or large, and knew you needed to seek out help.  I can certainly think of a few and can say the same for others.  You most certainly are not alone in this. 

CentOS Linux Version 8 On Windows Subsystem for Linux

We will look at setting up CentOS version 8 on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Due to certain issues with the Microsoft Store licensing there is not an officially supported and free version of CentOS available the way Ubuntu Linux is. We will...

That’s A Wrap - 2020 Business and IT Leadership Symposium

We did it. After eight amazing weeks, we finally finished our third-annual Business & IT Leadership Symposium. Our goal every year is to bring together brilliant industry leaders of all verticals to share experiences and learn about the things...

A Conversation Every CEO Should Have with Their IT Staff

I’ve never seen an IT department that didn’t have some secrets. I’m not talking about the root password here. I’m talking about skeletons in the closet…the kind that make systems managers lose sleep.

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