Back in 2018, I wrote a blog called My IT Journey Part 2: A Tribute to my father in which I described how my father was such an important influence in my life while building my own Apple II+ and showing me that anything is possible.

AI and the war on Cyber Crime

As we have written about in other blog posts, convolutional neural networks (CNN) have revolutionized computer artificial intelligence (AI).  AI has allowed computers to both process and create data in completely new ways. This presents challenges...

The Role of AI in the Biotech and Life Science Industries

The biotech and life sciences industries are some of the most rapidly evolving sectors in today's economy, with new breakthroughs and discoveries happening all the time. However, with this rapid growth also comes a plethora of information that must...

How OpenAI's ChatGPT is Revolutionizing the Technology World

OpenAI's GPT (short for "Generative Pre-training Transformer") is a state-of-the-art language model that has the potential to revolutionize the tech industry. As a powerful and versatile tool, GPT can be used for a wide range of natural language...

EQ is the new IQ – Why Emotional Intelligence is Important to Your Company’s Success

People have been talking about emotional intelligence in the business world for a while. And even though the focus is often on pursuing knowledge, education, and gaining experience – many studies suggest that success is not always correlated with a...

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