Navigating Mobile Device Security

We are fortunate to live at such a time, when so much technology exists to make our lives easier, or more convenient. Unfortunately, we also live at a time when vulnerabilities in these systems is exploited by, and for the benefit of, bad actors....

The Business to Scammer (B2Scam) Tactic

You have all gotten spam before. Emails from dying millionaires who want to give you their money, or an official from a deposed government trying to sneak money out of the country, etc. You've all done the right thing and deleted the emails. I hope. 

New Hampshire City Forced to Pay More Than $150K for Virus Removal

Having a computer virus may seem like an incredibly inconvenient but relatively minor issue… until it affects an entire city’s computer system. That’s exactly what happened in Portsmouth, New Hampshire earlier this year. The town was hit by a Trojan...

Phishing Litmus Test - Do your employees know how to recognize this common e-mail scam?

We have written at length about the Human Firewall and how it can either be your business’ greatest defense or largest liability. So much of the human firewall’s strength depends upon how well employees are trained and empowered to respond to...

'Tis The Season To Be Careful - Holiday IT Security

by Jack Harasimowicz | December 14, 2017 | Security, Tools, Scams, cyber attacks

“The scams that we get all year long are the same scams that happen around the holiday season. It’s just that people are more apt to maybe fall for them during the holidays.”

This is a quote from Donna Gregory, the unit chief for the Internet Crime...

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