The Write State of Mind

Documentation.  Nobody likes it, but the alternative of not having it is a potential disaster when it comes to an IT environment.  Have you ever stepped back and thought to yourself, what if something happened and I did not know how to seamlessly 

Contracts in the Cloud - DevOps Teams Learning from Engineering

A Story From Another Century

 A few years after its initial release, I had the opportunity to discuss development of Jini (more recently known as Apache River) with one of the lead software engineers on the project[1]. Jini has a very complex...

Blackjack! When Writing a Computer Program is Like Going to Vegas

I have a friend who used to be a member of the MIT Blackjack Team. He's fond of making the assertion that he could "teach a stick of wood to count cards". It's obviously hyperbole, but the point is that it's not that hard to teach somebody to...

Creating A Solid Business Continuity Plan To Protect Your Business



When talking about business continuity, and disaster recovery, the two terms RTO and RPO frequently come up.  But what are they? What do they mean?  And how do you determine what your RTO and RPO values are?  RTO and RPO sound similar, and may go...

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