6 Key Strategies To Optimize Your IT Budget

Many businesses are grappling with the challenge of IT budget optimization. Balancing cost-effectiveness with tech demands is extremely important for sustained growth. 

How to Successfully Navigate a Complex M&A Infrastructure Split

At iuvo we have been involved with many clients who undergo a merger or acquisition (M&A) and there are a lot of factors that dictate a successful process. For many of the companies that were acquired, this was part of their strategic plan as their...

IT Budgeting: Best Practices for Managing IT Costs with a vCIO

Managing IT costs can be a challenge for businesses of all sizesand in the current economic climate, businesses are facing the challenge of needing to achieve more with less. The combination of budget constraints, a shortage of skilled workers, and...

The business impacts of Revenue Operations

What makes a business successful is no longer simply examining the net difference between cost of goods sold (COGS) and the revenue collects for a final sale of product(s) or service(s)--now even the revenueof a business and a team’s ability to ...

Information Technology and the Green Tech Industry

Information technology is constantly changing the way businesses operate and the green tech industry is no exception. Whether solar panels or wind turbines, I.T. is helping companies in the green tech industry to be more efficient, cost-effective...

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