How To Calculate UNIX File Permissions


Unix file permissions can seem a bit daunting to everyone. This guide will help to have a solid grasp on setting the correct permissions for all UNIX file systems. Covering both Linux and Mac distributions.

SSSD Linux Active Directory Authentication: Joining a Domain Without VPN

We have a few earlier blog posts on setting up Linux based Samba file shares with Active Directory authentication.Similarly, there are many documents on the Internet on configuring LDAP authentication to Active Directory.However, very little has...

Azure AD Authentication to Azure VM

Many organizations are adopting a cloud only approach to infrastructure. Why wouldn’t they? It’s scalable with predictable costs, and it can be accessed from virtually anywhere. However, authenticating with services and virtual machines on the cloud...

Fun With Printers – Remediating PrintNightmare

Last time I blogged about Windows printers I said that printers are strange beasts. Nowadays these beasts are causing nightmares for Windows admins! PrintNightmare is the name of a recently publicized vulnerability involving the Windows print...

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