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Navigating AWS Instance Types and Sizes

Back in 2017, I wrote about the pitfalls of Amazon Web Services' EC2 "t2" instance types, borne out of our own experience…since then they offered an "unlimited" option (to avoid the performance impacts but with an added cost) as well as new "t3"...

Facebook: The Good and The Bad

Facebook is frequently in the press, sometimes with data leaks and last October a possible $1.6 billion fine for violating GDPR compliance after a recent data breach. From an IT Engineering perspective, they have done some amazing things, which...

Killing me softly: exploring an undocumented feature of bash

by R. Gary Cutbill | June 18, 2019 | IT Management, devops

I've been working on Unix systems in one form or another for, um, let's just say three decades or so. When it was new to me, not a day went by when I didn't learn something I hadn't seen before. Often, I would learn several new things in a day....

Is your IT person good? A guide on how to tell

It’s a great question that I feel doesn’t get asked a lot. But is good enough? Why not look for great? Amazing? Outstanding?

Tiny Banker: A Breakdown of Banking Trojans

Tiny Banker, also called Tiny Banker or Zusy, is an example of a banking trojan, and by understanding Tiny Banker, we can understand the tactics, techniques and procedures of banking trojans, as well as understanding how to detect and protect...

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