2018 Technology Predictions - What Tech to Expect

8 technology predictions that will reshape the new year 

Working at an IT company, we tend to talk about... you guessed it... IT. Over the past few months I'vebeen hearing the same topics come up in conversation (and sometimes in more heated conversations) about what tech innovations will be major influencers in 2018. Below we've put together our 2018 technology predictions and the IT trends that we think will be big in the new year. technology predictions

Check out our 2018 technology predictions infographic here.

Machine Learning
Using machine learning to analyze and discover critical insights about your data, business and customers. As computers and networks get faster, companies work to automate their IT and business processes, machine learning will be critical to identify anomalies and identify opportunities at a speed that allows your business to scale.

Network and Data Security
2017 was a big year for Malware, cyber criminals using crypto viruses, data breaches and even governments using technology to influence elections.  2018 will be no different and only those who invest in Security technology, practices and training will avoid the next onslaught of malicious intent.

Business Continuity
There are elements of Business Continuity that relate to Network and Data Security, but mother nature also reminded us that she is no joke when it comes to Natural Disasters.  Using IT as a competitive advantage also means that those businesses need to have business continuity processes and infrastructure in place to ensure that they stay in business.

Cloud Adoption
We might be sick of hearing the word "cloud", but more and more businesses are utilizing the power of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Services. This trend is going to continue as the previously mentioned public cloud companies as well as many private cloud companies compete by adding more value and competitive pricing to allow businesses to shift their expenses from CapEx to OpEx and focus on their business.

IoT and Cloud services
iuvo is not the only company using IoT and Cloud services to offer value to their customers. These small devices will help gather and collect data to allow real time intelligence of many different services.  Beyond IT, there is transportation, smart home devices, intelligent cars and plenty of military applications. The ability for low power, dedicated devices to use the power of cloud computing to add tremendous value to industries will continue.

New Network Services
With the repeal of net neutrality, there is going to be a shift in the provider landscape. Those who offer services that highly depend on the Internet, who's business may be negatively affected by those who own the network may evolve to ensure their businesses are viable. It is likely that companies like Netflix, Amazon, Google or Facebook may invest in and build alternatives to the traditional offerings available, not to mention independent startups that may think outside of the box to create new markets.

Block Chain
When people think of Block Chain, they may think of Bitcoin, but block chain technology can be applied to help data from going rogue.  Using Block chain for things like supply chain, providing a safe way to share data and communicate, identity theft protection, securely sharing medical records or perhaps even online voting.  Look for new companies using block chain technology to do new and interesting things.

Augmented Reality
Smart phones and computers are powerful enough to show us what is around us coupled with what could be around us. Companies will use augmented reality to enhance the customer experience as well as helping customers visualize how their product or service could be incorporated into their business or every day lives.



These innovations are interesting on their own, but will rarely stand alone. Many, if not all, of the tech listed above requires a plethora of additional systems to ensure they work properly. That's why it rests on technology and IT companies to deliver these innovations and make them readily available to consumers and businesses. The companies that can deliver these new, unique tech experiences will really be shaping 2018.

We desire to have these innovations transform and improve the way we as consumers and businesses communicate, listen, watch, shop, work, play and live. But it's going to take some time and effort for these changes to have an effect. On top of that, as relevant and accurate as we think these predictions are for 2018, there are a slew of issues that could impede, alter, or halt their distribution. This includes cyber security attacks, government regulation, and end user's willingness to adopt these changes. The only prediction we can make with a high degree of certainty is that 2018 will look a lot different from last year.

What technology do you think will make it big in 2018? Do you agree or disagree with something that made our list? Feel free to reach out and contact us.  You can also check out the Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018 infographic and article.


Oh! And one last thing. Happy New Year!

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