2024 Tech Trends to Watch

Happy New Year! 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting and transformative year in technology. With various tech trends emerging that are poised to reshape industries and consumer experiences we wanted to provide a summary of some key trends to watch in 2024.  


2024 Tech Trends

Generative AI 

Possibly the most discussed tech trend for 2024 is Generative AI, particularly in the form of advanced models like GPT-4 and others like it. Generative AI is gaining some major traction as people are using these AI systems to help automate tasks in addition to helping them to be more creative, generate text, art, and even code. In 2024, we expect these models to be integrated more deeply in the use of things like content creation, software development, enhancing productivity and pushing the boundaries of innovation. The challenge? Finding a way to balance the ethical implications and making sure that these tools are used responsibly.  


Virtual/Augmented Reality & Autonomous Devices 

VR and AR technologies are transforming several industries by providing immersive experiences that were previously impossible. In retail, these technologies enable virtual try-ons while in real estate, they allow virtual property tours. In education, they offer immersive learning experiences for students.  

Apple's augmented reality (AR) with the Vision Pro headsets is bringing AR to the mainstream in 2024. Apple's blend of high-quality design, user-friendly interface, and robust ecosystem could transform how we interact with digital space. Likely, this technology will be used in gaming, education, and professional settings, offering immersive experiences that blend both the real and virtual worlds.  

Self-driving cars and delivery drones are no longer entertaining concepts from a futuristic movie. In 2024 and beyond these autonomous devices are expected to bring major changes to transportation and logistics improving efficiency, reducing human error, and enhancing safety. As these devices become more popular, they will likely have a big impact on city transportation, delivery services, and personal mobility.  


Cybersecurity Concerns 

Due to global political instabilities and the increase of sophisticated cyber-attacks. cybersecurity remains increasingly important for many people. Combating AI-generated deepfakes and misinformation as well as preparing for large-scale ransomware attacks that could target critical infrastructure poses a reach challenge in 2024. To combat these cyber threats governments and businesses will need to invest more in proactive cybersecurity measures and public awareness.  


Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering 

From developing drought-resistant crops to breakthroughs in personalized medicine, Biotechnology and genetic engineering are at the forefront of solving some of the most pressing health and environmental challenges. Advances in genetic editing technologies like CRISPR could lead to more effective treatments for a range of diseases and improvements in agricultural productivity.   


Blockchain Technology 

Due to it’s ability to ensure secure, transparent transactions blockchain technology is increasingly being adopted beyond cryptocurrencies. New opportunities in various sectors are being created, from supply chain management to secure voting systems because of it’s integration with technologies like AI and IoT. Blockchain's potential to decentralize control and enhance security in digital transactions will likely see more innovative applications in 2024.  



Datafication is the transformation of social actions and processes into quantifiable data and it’s enabling businesses to make more informed decisions based on real-time data analysis. The benefit? Improvements in customer service, product development, and operational efficiency. As more aspects of life become data-driven, the challenge will  managing and protecting vast amounts of personal and sensitive data. 


Quantum Computing 

With its ability to perform complex calculations at unprecedented speeds quantum computing is expected to bring major changes in industries like pharmaceuticals, materials science, and finance. These industries could see major breakthroughs as quantum computers tackle problems that are currently infeasible for traditional computers. The potential for breaking current encryption methods, necessitating the development of quantum-resistant cybersecurity measures does raise some concerns. 



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