5 Major Tech Issues & How to Resolve Them

We live in times with unprecedented challenges to companies in the global economy. Daily life and work have moved into the virtual sphere, and the shift has highlighted underlying business technological issues that are getting in the way of productivity, communication, and security.





Here are some issues faced by high-tech, software, biotechnology, and many more companies, and what you can do about them:

Measuring Remote Team Performance

With the increase of working from home or switching to a hybrid workforce, many high-tech organizations are realizing the absence of a way to measure employee and team productivity. Without being able to observe employees in the workplace companies need to ensure that they have the right technology for user productivity reports for employees at home. Many technology and software companies can resolve this issue by working with a dedicated IT Consultant, who will make sure that all IT services will always be up to date and ready for the future. A strong IT provider will be able to provide insights into the latest technologies and practices to ensure the right fit for your needs both today and tomorrow.


Internet Speed & Hardware

With the massive move to WFH, organizations need to boost not only their at-home internet speed but pay closer attention to their IT infrastructure setup. Companies need to invest in new technologies, embrace the cloud space and ensure they are supported at home with reliable hardware that is up to their job requirement to produce work adequately.


Security and Data Privacy

Regardless of size, all technology companies large to small are not immune to cybersecurity threats. Many cyber thieves have developed new techniques to target intellectual property, business intelligence, algorithms /code-sensitive information, and much more. Additionally, a big issue is the exploitation of network vulnerabilities through phones, tablets, and hand-held devices. Whether it’s devices helping transmit data wirelessly to organizations or app-users on smartphones, high-tech organizations need to rely on experienced IT professionals who can deploy best-in-class security.


Data Backup and Recovery

Tech businesses rely on their digital data resources for everything from technology disruption to product development. A huge issue that high-tech businesses face is their backup recovery process when their system goes down but access to core business processes is still required. Organizations' IT teams/providers should have a backup plan and to achieve an effective disaster response, steps need to be taken before the issue occurs. Additionally, a business continuity plan is needed so businesses can keep operating productively even when the unexpected occurs.


Location and Talent Acquisition

The agglomeration of major tech organizations in places like Silicon Valley has led to a quick rise in living costs. The slow increase in income and the stress on public resources exemplify why innovation should be decentralized. Additionally, many organizations face staffing issues. There is an IT skills shortage where small businesses are competing with multi-billion-dollar technology companies for in-demand and highly technical skills. The challenge is that they have to match the kind of benefits that larger companies can offer. But this issue can be solved by working with a dedicated IT and managed-services provider who can find ways to help you save on salaries, training costs, and additional perks/benefits for full-time IT techs, as well as unexpected costs (potentially reducing IT cost by 25-30% and increasing operational efficiencies by 45-60%).


Iuvo Technologies experts have 22 years of average experience in the IT Consulting industry and can help your high-tech business to overcome the issues we’ve outlined above, as well as the pain points unique to your specific company. Contact us today to discuss further!

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