7 Reasons Your Startup Needs Managed IT Services

Reliable IT help is a must for any new startup in the modern world, however not every company has the need or ability to maintain a full-time IT department. While some companies opt to solve this problem by doing without professional IT help and problem solving on their own, this is not the ideal path forward. The best option is to work with a managed IT services company that provides the IT support you need that is both scalable and cost effective.


Setup Starts You on the Right Foot 

Efficiency is vital when forming a new startup, as small delays now can lead to big snags down the line. Establishing the right technical baseline will have a significant positive impact by removing barriers, minimizing risk and ensuring you can focus on getting your ideas to market. With managed IT services you have a depth of expertise at your disposal to ensure that technology enables your business.


Security Is Essential 

One risk that cannot be overlooked when starting a new company is your exposure to outside actors with bad intentions. If you don't have professionals checking your company's computer and network security you may be exposing your company to unnecessary risk. With a managed IT company, you get their expert assessment of your company's security setup so that any holes that can be exploited are identified and closed before anyone with ill intent can take advantage of them. 


Access to Expertise 

You know the importance of expertise in your industry, so it should come as no surprise that expertise is just as important for IT. When you hire a managed IT company to assist your startup, you ensure that the individuals handling your IT problems are professionals who specialize in providing IT support so that you get the absolute best possible service at all times.  


With iuvo Technologies specifically, our consultants have an average of twenty-one years' experience. We offer a unique intersection of dedicated teams, so all members know and understand the intricacies of your business, and access to all seasoned experts, so your business is supported by subject matter experts in all pertinent areas for maximum coverageThis comes at a significant cost savings to you. Many companies do not have the budget or need for a full-time cloud, security, Microsoft or other area expert. Partnering with an IT consultant company like iuvo Technologies affords you real-time access to these expensive resources.


Stay Up to Date 

The technology we use from day to day is always improving and changing with new innovations seeming to arrive faster and faster. It can be hard to keep up with the latest tech if it's not your full-time focus, which is why a managed IT service can be so useful for a startup. From cloud computing to teleconferencing to the next big thing you haven't even heard of yet, when something new comes along that can improve your bottom line, your managed IT company can ensure you don't let it pass you by.


Easy Scaling Matches Your Needs 

When you have in-house IT, it can be difficult to adjust to changing needs. When you need more or less IT help, that means hiring or firing staff to match your needs, which is a costly and inefficient system. With managed IT services you can adjust your coverage as needed and gain access to emergency increases should a dire situation require prompt service. 


Don't Waste Money on Over-employing 

Even before accounting for flexibility, the simple reality is that many companies don't have a need for a full-time IT staff at all. For smaller companies, even just an IT department of one may result in lots of downtime where you're paying for nothing to be done. Because managed IT service employees can service multiple contracts, there is no need to pay more than is needed to handle your IT requirements. Hours are flexible and can easily be scaled up or down with a little notice. This leaves you with ideal access to full set of services without the cost.


Keep Staff Focused on Their Jobs 

When you hire your staff, you choose them because they're well suited for the job they have been hired into. If you don't have an IT professional available when things go wrong, they instead spend their time doing amateur IT work to get back to their preferred task. With managed IT providers you get staff the help they need when they need it so that they can stay focused on doing what they do best to help your company excel. 


Managed IT service is simply the best way for a startup company to ensure that its technological needs are being met without breaking the bank. They will help you create a roadmap, be your trusted advisor along the way and act as an instrumental part of your success. If you're in the process of launching your own company and need managed IT that you can rely on, get in touch today to schedule a consultation to see how your company can be best served by the expertise that a managed IT relationship provides. 


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