Artificial Intelligence’s Impact On IT & What It Means For You

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science dedicated to creating a system that can perform human tasks, e.g. speech recognition, learning, problem solving, and data analysis. With AI capabilities, computers will be able to perform select tasks, when given large amounts of data, including finding recurring patterns within the data, and making actionable decisions. I know we have been looking at ways of automating common tasks for quite some time.




As AI is the general term for any processes that follow this general pattern, it can be divided into several distinct areas such as image processing, natural language processing, deep learning, machine learning, and speech recognition. For the IT field, special attention must be given to machine learning and deep learning.


Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a branch of AI which specializes in building a computer program that can use specific algorithms to parse data. It can modify itself without interaction from a human programmer to produce the desired output from the data it’s given. Machine Learning programs are trained to analyze massive datasets and perform specific tasks on them. However, they are limited by the data they are given; it must be structured data that is labeled with the parameters it is to analyze. To gain more freedom with the data, you can use Deep Learning.


Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a subset of Machine Learning that focuses on data without interpretation. A Deep Learning system uses a layered structure of algorithms called an artificial neural network. This structure is similar to the neural network that makes up the human brain, allowing a Deep Learning system to make inferences and make intelligent decisions on its own. This is where we often see more human-like AI.


AI and The IT Industry

How will these branches of AI affect the IT industry? It’s hard to say exactly as with all technology related predictions but changes the average user might not notice are already being implemented. Big Data companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are already rolling out subtly integrated Machine Learning platforms into their services. It isn’t hard to see that a titanic shift in the IT industry’s structure is on the horizon. With powerful tools such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning soon available for the general public, it isn’t a bad idea to familiarize yourself with the technology.


You can look for AI in areas such as service management and business process automation. Both of these areas are common places for business to implement some level of AI. AI in service management can allow your IT team to track user behavior, make suggestions, and consequently provide self-help options to make service management more effective. AI’s ability to process and analyze mass amounts of user generated data can make it an effective tool for optimizing user experiences. AI’s role in automation has been recognized across the technology industry. Relatively unsophisticated AI is commonly implemented in many different types of workflows to increase productivity and catch errors before they happen.


AI and You

What does this mean for you? It might be time to begin experimenting with AI on your own to get a handle on how it works. Experts predict that while it won’t replace the jobs of many IT professionals, it will shift the toolsets they use. Having the knowledge and skills to smoothly begin support for AI related platforms is a skill that is going to be more and more critical for IT professionals to have as the amount of AI integration increases.


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