Bethany Schaumann

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Controls

What is data loss prevention?  Data loss prevention, also commonly referred to as DLP, is a process for ensuring that organizational information is not improperly or accidentally exposed.  It is an important factor in preventing unauthorized...

Understanding The Blue Screen of Death

The color blue is supposed to make one feel calm, relaxed and secure.  The color blue represents stability.  Ironically, if you happen to experience what is referred to as the “Blue Screen of Death” in the Windows world, the feelings that are...

Improving the Health of your Computer


Well-being has always been stressed as something one should focus on, and the benefits of self-maintenance can go a long way. Just as you may be acutely aware of health-related events taking place (especially nowadays), it is also prime time to...

The Write State of Mind

Documentation.  Nobody likes it, but the alternative of not having it is a potential disaster when it comes to an IT environment.  Have you ever stepped back and thought to yourself, what if something happened and I did not know how to seamlessly 

Chaos to Clarity - My Own Story

by Bethany Schaumann | December 03, 2019 | Team, Customer Service

“Am I going to be OK?” These words fell out of my mouth and I subsequently held my breath.  There I was, at the doctor’s office sitting in the exam room, somehow fearing the worst yet still hoping for the best.  I went to the doctors due to...

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