R. Gary Cutbill

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble: Automation as an Alternative to Toil

Recently my wife made fun of me for using the word “toil” in a discussion about work. I think she thought the term was archaic and my choice to use it was awkward, but it has become part of the lexicon of DevOps. It’s current usage comes from...

A Conversation Every CEO Should Have with Their IT Staff

I’ve never seen an IT department that didn’t have some secrets. I’m not talking about the root password here. I’m talking about skeletons in the closet…the kind that make systems managers lose sleep.

Tasteful DevOps: An Opinionated View on the Importance of Flexibility

A Matter of Taste

DevOps is a philosophy for managing software products and services. It is not a checklist for development and deployment. Like food, DevOps is based on a combination of physical and cultural elements. If you compare DevOps to...

Examples of resource sharing that benefit from using a transit gateway

Building on my last blog, there are cases where transit gateways can allow you to significantly cut down on the number of resources that you deploy. In cases where those resources are lightly used, this can lead to a substantial reduction in...

An introduction to Networking in the Cloud using AWS Transit Gateways

Not terribly long ago, Amazon introduced Transit Gateways, a nifty service that simplifies AWS networking. A transit gateway (or TGW) acts like a lightweight router that can be used to connect multiple VPCs, potentially in multiple accounts,...

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