C is for Culture

What are the core components of your company culture? When I describe the type of people that work at iuvo Technologies, one phrase that is often used is our people are "Swiss Army Knives where everyone has a particular blade that is sharper than the others."  This generally reflects that we have both broad and deep skill sets and it extends beyond work. We have a great diversity of talent among our iuvonauts (what we call ourselves) and the passion they bring to their job every day is reflected in how they also excel in their personal lives. Musicians, artists, runners, dancers, boy scout leaders, press, chefs, coaches and photographers are in our midst every day.  It adds to the dynamic of being interesting people who can make you laugh, challenge your assumptions or make you want to be a better person.

We talk to other businesses who are intrigued or even jealous of our culture, camaraderie and ability to build a team of people that are full of awesome sauce. I would perhaps say that this is the most important (and difficult) thing to do, but if you do it well, it becomes a force multiplier and you love going to work.   I am surprised all the time by random acts of kindness, kudos iuvonauts give to each other and random bursts of creativity. Culture is not ping pong tables or a beer fridge, it is being an an environment where you are empowered and entrusted to be the best version of you.

Take this fun brief video one of our guys created just to break up a tough day someone else was having. iuvo Fun Video Technology can be tough, challenging as well as rewarding and helping our customers with difficult challenges isn't always easy, but being surrounded by interesting people and knowing that your co-workers have your back makes all the difference.

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