The Startup Lifecycle: Using Technology to Scale A Successful Startup

At iuvo Technologies, we’re experts in turning Chaos to Clarity. “Chaos,” as we think of it, can happen easily, without you even realizing; it’s cutting corners one day to solve a complex problem or implementing an iffy solution as a quick fix. These seemingly easy fixes lead to more issues and complexity down the line, which often makes it impossible to locate and solve what caused the original issue in the first place. 

No sector is immune to Chaos, but startups can be especially susceptible. Our Chaos to Clarity methodology has proven successful for many startups. In fact, startups using iuvo Technologies have a 53% chance of success, versus the national average of 25%. This blog post breaks down our Startup Lifecycle, which we have developed after the success of Chaos to Clarity, to help startup organizations get started and on the road to success. 




Phase 1. IDEA: Pre-seed 

In this phase, we provide the Startup with Microsoft 365 so they have access to key tools. In addition to that, we implement some basic security measures to get them started, as well as documentation. The documentation belongs to the startup so they can replicate it or alter it in the future. 

This phase is focused on setting up communication and some of the mission-critical features. Working with us throughout the startup lifecycle helps ensure the startup can focus on developing and researching their idea. 


Phase 2. LAUNCH: Seed Funding

The Launch phase includes all the elements from the previous phase—M365, Security, Documentation—but builds on them by adding enhanced security controls and as-needed support. We pride ourselves on being great at customer service—we have an NPS score of 75—and we’re always there to help when you need it, no matter the time or issue. That is constant anytime you partner with us. 


Phase 3. EARLY GROWTH: Series A

We continue to build on the services for phase 3. In this phase, we upgrade the startup to the next level of Microsoft 365, and take IT development further with an established IT roadmap, Managed Services, Cloud Launchpad, as well as the Enhanced Security from the previous phases.  

This phase focuses heavily on IT development, with the roadmap and Cloud Launchpad. We know how complex cloud migrations are, which is why it’s a key part of this lifecycle. In this phase, we’re focused on helping the startup prepare their systems and data for cloud migration, so when the time comes—in the next phase—they’ll be ready.


Phase 4. GROWTH: Series B+

This phase is where actual Cloud Architecture & Implementation comes in, and we facilitate the startup’s setup in the cloud. In addition to that, this phase includes the previous services, as well as: 

  • Microsoft 365 Complete 
  • Comprehensive Security & Training 
  • Roadmap Iterations 
  • DevOps Support 

As we get closer to the final phase, we’re focused on providing the services the startup will need to sustain themselves. Roadmap iterations, for example, can be used if (or when) something changes, and they need to alter their infrastructure. DevOps Support and Comprehensive Security & Training both help ensure operations will continue to run smoothly, even after the project ends. 


Phase 5. DUE DILIGENCE: Public/M&A

This is the final phase, and includes everything—Microsoft 365 Complete, Comprehensive Security & Training, Roadmap Iterations, DevOps Support, Cloud Architecture & Implementation, Managed Services, and Documentation—as well as Compliance & Auditing. 

With this lifecycle, your startup can not only feel prepared to go public, but—more importantly—be set up for long-term success. 


For more information on our startup offerings, click here, or contact us to learn more. 



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