Cloud LaunchPad Resolving Cloud Complexity: Interview With Gary Cutbill

For businesses that are aiming for agility and scalability, Cloud computing is a necessity. iuvo’s Cloud LaunchPad offers a solution to streamline cloud management, particularly for AWS environments. We interviewed Gary Cutbill, one of our seasoned experts at iuvo, to discuss how Cloud LaunchPad is transforming the way businesses approach cloud infrastructure, making it an important tool for companies that are looking for consistent, scalable, and adaptable cloud environments. 




We began our conversation with Gary explaining how Cloud LaunchPad came to be, where he explained that it was born out of a need to offer businesses a more structured approach to cloud management. “Cloud LaunchPad is essentially our bridge for companies to not just enter the cloud but to do so with a foundation that is solid, scalable, and ready for future growth," he explained. Cloud LaunchPad is an automation tool that makes it easier for businesses to manage their infrastructure using code. It is especially beneficial for businesses that mainly use AWS for their operations and for those businesses who are thinking about growing into other cloud platforms. 

Many of iuvo’s clients, especially startups and those with teams from non-IT backgrounds, had struggled with the challenge of trying to manage their cloud environments effectively. “A common scenario we encounter involves clients who have manually built their environments, leading to a lack of consistency,” Gary pointed out. These inconsistencies created significant hurdles for businesses as they scaled, which then created complications in their management and integration processes. 

“One of the critical aspects of Cloud LaunchPad is its ability to bring about predictability and standardization in cloud management, which is important for businesses as they grow" Gary added. He went on to emphasize the difference between personal IT projects and enterprise-level cloud management, which highlighted the complexities along with the necessity for professional oversight. 

Cloud LaunchPad sets itself apart from other solutions because of its holistic approach to cloud management. Gary described it as a solution that not only focuses on AWS but one that also ensures compatibility and integration with other environments. “Our focus is on helping businesses build out a space in the cloud that’s not just consistent but also adaptable to change,” he said. Its versatility gives it the ability to use well-known industry tools like Terraform, Ansible, and Python which makes it a great solution for comprehensive cloud management. 

Gary went on to discuss both the economic and operational efficiencies Cloud LaunchPad introduces for businesses. “Automation is at the heart of Cloud LaunchPad, allowing for quick deployment of subsequent resources after the initial setup, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with manual configurations,” he stated. This efficiency is important for companies that are looking to allocate their resources more judiciously, allowing them to keep their focus on innovation and core business functions rather than IT management. 

When asked to share examples of Cloud LaunchPad's use in current client’s environments, Gary shared insights that highlighted how it has been instrumental in turning a chaotic I.T. environment into a streamlined operation. “Our approach goes beyond just deploying a solution. We make sure we understand a business's current state, their aspirations, and we tailor Cloud LaunchPad to meet those needs while keeping an eye on future growth and scalability,” he stated.  

One case that Gary shared involved a bioinformatics client that was using AWS without a foundational I.T. background. "These were bioinformatics experts spending time on AWS tasks, which meant a steep learning curve before they could even start their actual work," Gary stated. When presented with Cloud LaunchPad, the client's operations staff said that this was a solution they had needed for years. "It felt gratifying to recognize and fulfill such a crucial need for them, facilitating immediate benefits," Gary added. 

iuvo faced a particularly challenging situation with a client who had, as Gary described, an "eclectic" AWS environment. This was caused by the company assigning a single engineer, whose primary responsibilities were outside of I.T., to manage the entire AWS environment on their own. "The environment was chaotic, with VPCs spread across multiple accounts without a coherent structure for interconnectivity," Gary described. iuvo implemented Cloud LaunchPad, which allowed them to complete a meticulous reorganization without interrupting or stopping the company's operations. "Our background in ensuring 'the show goes on' allowed us to methodically adjust and realign their infrastructure, piece by piece, into a cohesive and efficient system," he shared.  

This conversation with Gary not only highlighted Cloud LaunchPad's capabilities but the value it brings in enabling companies to focus on their core competencies with the assurance that their cloud infrastructure is robust, secure, and aligned with their company's goals. 



iuvo’s Cloud LaunchPad offers a solution that ensures growth, scalability, and operational efficiency for businesses who are trying to navigate cloud infrastructure. Contact us today to explore how Cloud LaunchPad can redefine your cloud strategy and push your business forward. 



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