iuvo Technologies in Space

When it comes to doing something big, hairy or audacious (BHAGs) there is a clear example that comes to mind - space travel! The risks are high, but so is the reward.



The Risks

There is very little room for error and until recently the space programs were so complex and expensive that only national governments could handle them. The privatization of this to companies like SpaceXBlue Origin and Virgin Galactic are doing things that governments did not think was possible. For instance, landing a rocket, once in space, on a pad floating in the ocean. When things go wrong in space, they can go very wrong and the loss of lives and decades of work can happen instantaneously.


The Reward

The rewards of flawless execution on a space project are tremendous. In the previous example, instead of the rocket payload burning up and falling into the ocean, it now comes back to earth and is reusable; saving millions of dollars and allowing more launches. This increases the economic feasibility of more missions. According to Pixalytics, 4,987 Satellites are currently orbiting the earth and 382 were launched in 2018. The reward is not just about satellites, but the possibility for regular people to take trips into orbit or perhaps further because of the investment in this technology.


iuvo Technologies in Space

Internally, we call ourselves iuvonauts and there is a reason for this. To successfully do bold things takes planning and execution by smart and passionate people. Astronauts are the cream of the crop both mentally and physically. When it comes to IT, there is no other person that you should want by your side than an iuvo Technologies iuvonaut. Computing, networking and cloud services are areas so vast and complex and vast, it's like traveling to outer space, and you. You need accomplished, knowledgeable people by your side and leading these missions.


We know we are different, and we embrace the fact that we outrank our competition. It is part of the reason why we have taken the concept of space-themed objectives and applied it across our business and marketing efforts.


Just as the privatization of complex space flight is pushing space flight technology forward faster than ever, partnering with the right IT provider can push your business forward faster than ever.


Propelling Your Business Forward Using IT

If you break down any mission there is the planning, building and launch, followed by landing, debrief and celebration (hopefully). Here are the steps to a successful launch.


  • Mission Planning
    • Without good IT mission planning (an IT roadmap), you will not know what to do or how to get your business to the next level.
  • Building Your Space Craft and Writing the Software
    • Build the right IT infrastructure by doing it right the first time based on sound principles, methods and verification.
  • Launching Your Mission
    • Everything must be in place (just like your business), checks lists, monitoring and validation. Since there are risks, using a great change management methodology will provide your business with the ability to plan for issues.
  • In Flight Readiness
    • What happens if something happens during the mission (i.e. Apollo 13)? You need experts to keep your mission going. If you are in space or your applications are in production, you need a strong team who can think on their feet and provide solutions when there does not appear to be one.
  • Data Collection
    • Modern spacecrafts are constantly sending data back to Mission Control throughout the mission. You need the same thing for your business including metrics for your critical infrastructure and business including dashboards and real-time monitoring.
  • Debrief
    • What lessons did you learn from the mission? How can we do it better next time? Repeat the successes, make them better and prevent failures from happening again.
  • Celebrate
    • When you come back from your Mission, there is a reason to celebrate. We celebrate  when our IT strategies help clients build their own businesses and meet business objectives.


Be bold. Be great. Treat your IT like it is mission critical and celebrate the successes it will bring. We are here if you have questions


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