Kaseya Acquires IT Glue

Kaseya, the Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) company has acquired ITGLue, the IT Management documentation platform.

If you are not in the IT Services space, you might not have heard of the names Kaseya or IT Glue, but here are a few reasons why you might care to know more.  Based on the recent article "Kaseya Acquires IT GLue"  it is apparent that Kaseya and a private equity company have already been long time investors in IT Glue and this is a natural next step and likely planned exit for Chris Day.  


This latest acquisition is the continuation of the consolidation of IT Management products to provide a complete suite of tools to make IT Management more effective.  We have seen the same things with Autotask/Datto/Backupify/Centrastage   or SolarWinds/logicnow/loggly/kiwi/N-able who recently went public in October.  The Managed Services market is highly prized and Private Equity Investors are taking advantage of all the cash in this market to buy, consolidate and then liquidate at significant multiples.   The important thing to note for businesses is that these combined tools, automation and insight offer a lot of value to businesses who used Managed Services.

Solving Real Problems

If you look into the history of most of the companies in the IT service space ( like ITGlue), you will find many of them started by former CEOs of Managed Services companies who found a real problem to solve and then started a company to build the solution.  Think of all the frustrating issues, bad service or lack of efficiency you encounter and then raise your fist in the air saying "THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY !" They then build and grow these solutions and effectively solve that problem.   If they build this platform in the right way, with RESTful APIs and planned integration with other tools it can be a game changer.

Ask your IT support team what technologies they use to effectively and efficiently provide service to you.





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