Losing Money Without the Cloud

It’s getting harder and harder these days to find a company that doesn’t use business continuity management in cloud computing. If you’re one of the businesses that haven’t made the switch, you’re putting yourself at a huge disadvantage and potentially losing money.


Considering the ways COVID-19 has begun reshaping the business world, businesses must take a good look at whether or not they can survive without utilizing the cloud going forward. How quickly could you recover from a loss of data or a power outage? How efficient is your documentation process? How flexible is your environment to allow employees to work from home?



Let’s take a closer look at a few ways you may be losing money by not using the cloud.


Security Risks

One of the most critical areas of focus for businesses is security. It is necessary to ensure that any data you store for your clients is protected. It’s not only good business practice, often it’s the law. And it’s almost a given that using a cloud data center is going to provide more security than a server in the coat closet of your office.


Storing data on the cloud means the information is physically protected with several layers of security. Plus, cloud solutions, configured properly,  provide millions of dollars in commercial-grade software to ensure that your data is protected and available when you need it most.


Data Recovery

Along the same lines of security is the area of recovery. What happens when one of your employees spills coffee on their laptop and their hard drive is corrupted? If you don’t have an effective backup solution such as cloud storage, all the information they had is now gone.


With the right cloud solution, your employees can set their devices to automatically sync right to the cloud. Then, if the worst happens, you simply replace the device and restore the files. 



How much  time and effort could you gain by being able to access your files from any connected device? Even if you forget your device, chances are there’s a way to access the files you need from someone else’s computer. Access all of your files from work, from home, or a hotel business center – anytime, anywhere, securely.


Additionally, having a cloud solution means you have the freedom to disconnect from your laptop when you need a break. You can always use your smartphone to access the content if you need it on the fly.


Team Collaboration

The cloud is designed specifically with team collaboration in mind. How many hours are wasted sharing a document or asking someone to track changes in a single document and then sending out said document every day?


With a proper cloud solution, your employees can collaborate on all their projects at the same time. Instead of multiple copies of a document, everyone is working on the same one, which means they never have to ask whether their copy is the most recent version.


It only makes sense in today’s business world to employ a cloud solution. Having one ensures that you aren’t losing money in areas that are important to the success of any business. So take a minute, do some research, and find the best cloud hosting companies Boston has to offer.  


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