Mobile Workforce - How To Be Productive at Home

Making the transition from working in an office to teleworking in your home may require some changes in task assignments and work habits. With many people at home now, companies are looking for ways to keep their employees productive and efficient. Individual workers can also adapt their work habits to take advantage of their new home setting. Check out these simple ways a mobile workforce can improve productivity at home.




Make a Set Schedule

Working from home successfully starts with a set schedule that fits your company's preferences and your productivity style. While it may be tempting to try to work sporadically whenever it suits you once you've made the transition to telework, it's better to set yourself up for success with a specific schedule. Some companies may already have a standard working schedule to follow. If not, employees should write their own schedule to accomplish all their daily tasks.


Dress for Success

The next way you can be more productive is to dress like you're going into the office. Sure, it's totally feasible to wear your pajamas for the entire workday when you're home. But if you want to improve your efficiency and feel more like you're in a professional environment, it's best to start your day by getting dressed, brushing your teeth, showering, and going through the rest of your morning routine.


Find a Working Space

Successful home workers also get much more done if they have a dedicated office space. If you know your teleworking situation will last for a long period of time, it makes sense to transform a spare room or space in a room into a home office. You can clear the clutter and make a space with a desk and any other electronic equipment you need to get work done.


Eliminate Distractions

You'll also need to eliminate any distractions during the day so you can be at your most productive. If you have kids, make a plan with your spouse or partner to take shifts watching your children in between work tasks. Pets should be put away or in separate rooms, so they don't distract you. Additionally, other distractions, such as smartphones, television, and video game systems should be out of sight.


Set Up Blocks of Time For Personal Tasks

While working at your home office, you should also make sure you block off time to do personal tasks, as they are sure to come up. Try to be strict with yourself and only focus on work tasks during the periods you are working and personal tasks during those specific blocks. This will help you be able to shut down at the end of the day and ensure you are not overworking yourself. If you're stressed or having anxiety, focus on solutions to avoid burnout and promote a healthy mindset..


Take Breaks

Next, be sure to schedule breaks throughout the day so you can be at your best. Block out a time of at least a half an hour for lunch, and step away from your desk to make and eat lunch. Additionally, schedule at least two other breaks during your workday. A morning break and an afternoon break of at least 15 minutes each may help you get a quick reset and be able to accomplish more.


Multitask With the Right Tech Tools

When you're ready to tackle work projects, you'll need the right tech tools to get more done. Integrating Office 365 into your tasks can help you and your team collaborate and check off each item on your to-do lists. When everyone is connected on a project and using the same tools, it can help streamline the process and help the team achieve results.


Use Videoconferencing

The last way you can boost your productivity is to use some sort of videoconferencing tool for meetings and check-ins. Scheduling a few video calls with individuals and groups on your team can help you all get that essential face-to-face time that may help with accountability or problem solving.


The new trend of working at home may have some companies and workers suffering from a lack of productivity. Your work habits don't have to be sacrificed if you change your procedures and make an effort to stay on top of things. Evaluate your efficiency and make changes to get more out of teleworking.


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