Modern Workplace: Reducing Risk and Improving Business Practices

Businesses spend a lot of time creating, provisioning and deactivating users—especially amid the proliferation of hybrid work. Unfortunately, many organizations are relying on clunky manual processes to do this, which fail to fully embrace current security and compliance best practices. This not only creates gaps in onboarding and offboarding users, but also increases vulnerabilities around the control and consistency of audits.


To mitigate this, iuvo has designed a new service, called Modern Workplace. Our Modern Workplace service redefines how businesses scale by streamlining user management, provisioning and offboarding. What used to be a risky, time-consuming, manual process is now a cloud-based, automatic, flexible, and highly secure process. 

With the simple addition of a new employee in a Human Resource Information System (HRIS), users, permissions, access, authentication, and rules are automatically set up across all systems and applications using one-time predefined settings. Just as quickly as access is given, access can be shut off when an employee leaves, merely by marking them ‘departed’ in the HRIS system. This helps secure your company's data and reduce risk—while making compliance and audits a breeze. Explore some of the other benefits of Modern Workplace below. 

Remove human error for tighter compliance 

Automating the processes of onboarding, provisioning and offboarding are an auditor's ideal state. In cases where the company is at an increased risk, like the firing of an employee, access to every piece of data, including folders, applications and even company credit cards, are shut off instantly after the employee is marked inactive in the HRIS. Not only does this help remove human error, but more importantly, it provides you with peace of mind.


Get more insight into user management

With Modern Workplace, you can quickly implement all necessary permissions and access for users based on their job role and have real-time visibility into their status. Equally important, it also allows you to lock down access for items that an employee won’t need. All this information and data is driven by their job role and team assigned within the HRIS system, helping to increase security posture and mitigate risk.

Reporting can be structured in a variety of ways through tools like Microsoft to ensure your company has consistent access into the roles and data at the fingertips of every employee.


Reduce the time spent on user management 

Our service makes onboarding, provisioning and offboarding users a controlled, consistent practice that is not reinvented for each user, or based on which employee is doing the work. We eliminate the need for a human-led process by synching cloud-based apps to your HRIS system, which helps increase efficiency and provide tighter controls. 

No need to provision devices individually. In fact, devices can be shipped right from retailers to end users. When employees receive their devices, simply sign into Microsoft and all permissions, applications, and data need for them to do their job and be productive on day one is enabled.

Employees are given access to mission-critical information on day one, so they can focus on learning the tasks they were hired to do, rather than tedious onboarding. Permissions are given automatically after marking which team and level a new employee is on.

The process is the same when offboarding employees. When an employee leaves, simply remove them from your HRIS system and all their access is eliminated automatically. Manual provisioning is not necessary, which saves you considerable time and money, and helps ensure that all information is secure and compliant. Streamlining this process takes considerable amounts of risks out of the offboarding process. 


Open up your IT teams for other work

IT departments are often pulled in many different directions—setting up new devices for employees, dealing with customer service web issues, dealing with internal computer issues, the list goes on. As an MSP and IT Consulting company, we are very aware of how busy your department can get and have designed our Modern Workplace service with simplicity in mind. Modern Workplace doesn’t have to be managed by an IT department, which frees up time for your IT to focus on more pressing issues. 

We can help empower your HR team, for example, to provide the needed system and application access to new employees from day one. Defining rules based on roles ensures employees do not have access to any applications or data outside of their role, helping to minimize risk and reduce unnecessary confusion. In the event needs change, updates can be done easily and automatically.



iuvo understands the challenges associated with modern user and workplace management, and is here to help. Contact us today




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