Overcome Common Cloud Problems with Cloud Launchpad

Migrating and managing a cloud environment can be challenging and time-consuming, not to mention the many costs involved. Without guidance, you could end up with a cloud environment that doesn’t suit your needs and creates more problems than solves them.




At iuvo Technologies, we encounter this situation a lot. So much so that we recently developed a new product called the Cloud Launchpad.


iuvo Technologies' Launchpad is an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) framework aimed at addressing the limitations of vendor specific cloud solutions by giving clients more flexibility to create and manage automated cloud environments.


Using Launchpad helps businesses design the virtual data centers they need rapidly with out of the box best practices for security, access, organization, and more. Our framework is based on common, vendor-agnostic tools such as Terraform and Ansible, forming customizable automation supported by iuvo Technologies’ and your own staff.


What makes our service different from others out there? Aside from being back by our 22+ years of expertise, Cloud Launchpad offers some key benefits, namely around:


  • Speed: Cloud Launchpad can be set up quickly and easily. It’s built on an IaC framework, meaning we can create reliable, repeatable, and accurate environments in a time-efficient manner. Our service is completely automated, which makes configuring and managing it much more approachable.
  • Security: Our service is implemented with security best practices in mind. It relies on automation, which reduces the chance of human error, and employs the latest technologies to ensure everything is up to date.
  • Ownership: After deployment is complete, your business gets to keep a copy of any code we created for your environment, even if they choose not to continue working with us. This helps ensure you can repeat it down the line if needed.
  • Vendor Agnostic: We built Launchpad using vendor-agnostic tools to avoid a heavy reliance on one provider.


Cloud Launchpad can benefit most organizations but is especially effective in companies that need their own framework, need to separate environments (like staging vs. production), or are just getting started in the cloud or with young environments.


We’re excited to use our cloud expertise to help organizations define and grow their environments. Learn about our other cloud offerings, or contact us today.



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