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Should You Make Artificial Intelligence (AI) a Part of Your Technology Platform?

by Jack Harasimowicz | May 29, 2018 | Tools | 0 comments

Siri gives us directions, Alexa plays our favorite music, and iRobot cleans the floors. We may not be commuting in our space cars like The Jetsons, but more and more artificial intelligence and intuitive technologies are becoming accessible to us in our everyday lives. For companies great and small, artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging in the workplace and is, in many cases, more affordable than you might imagine. 

artificial intelligence

Indeed, you don't need to shatter your budget to start incorporating AI and machine learning (ML) into your operations. Ready-made solutions exist that will make your website and apps more accessible for customers and can help improve your business performance. Here are just a few examples:

1. Implement chatbots

The artificial intelligence is answering your door, even when the staff is not!? Chatbots, which can be preprogrammed with responses to frequently asked questions your company receives, interact with customers and route inquiries even when your business is closed. After all, no one likes to sit on the phone waiting for customer care. With a chatbot, your customer will find you accessible and you’ll see immediate returns on your investment -- a win for everyone.

2. Automate analysis by machine learning

Your company’s time is best spent delivering the products or services for which you are known--not fixing system anomalies. Machine learning can identify system anomalies and identify opportunities for more efficiency and profit, at a speed that allows your business to scale. For example, if your sales team is out in the field using company smartphones or tablets to record purchase orders, data from those transactions can be analyzed and understood within your company’s machine learning in the cloud to identify trends and irregularities. In a recent Forbes article, a data center company head said data preparation takes 80% of the total time it takes to mine and analyze data. Using machine learning to analyze and discover critical insights about your data will provide you with a rich portrait of your company without having to get down into the weeds and do the dirty work of data mining and data preparation.

3. Automate merchandising
Some AI solutions can streamline a transaction or even upsell customers based on a predictive understanding of consumers. Certain software can weave together data and machine learning to suggest products that might appeal to a particular customer based on their online searches. A customer looking for a particular product on your site might not be aware that it’s also offered as part of a package or a suite of products. A machine learning solution incorporate related search phrases to display relevant product offerings, as well as display products associated with those search terms. For customers, it’s like having artificial intelligence as your personal shopper! For companies, it means having an even more robust marketing effort using machine learning.

Is your business spending too much time trying to extract data or get a complete picture of customer behavior? Why not implement some artificial intelligence into your interface. Learn how accessible a more streamlined technology can be for your company--schedule your free assessment with iuvo today.

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