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Documentation in Vendor Escalation

This is the sixth entry in this series on all the various complexities of managing vendor escalations. This one, however, is a super easy one. So fortunately- and rarely will you hear such a phrase from me- I can keep this one short.

Amazing Customer Experience - The Sunnyside Acura Example

by Chris Russo | April 18, 2019 | Team, Core Values, Customer Service

Anyone who knows me will tell you… I’m a car guy. It’s an illness. And I blame my Dad for it. Completely. I grew up around a man who always had Fiats, MGs and Triumphs. I learned to drive a stick on a Porsche 944. My very first car was a 1975...

The Importance of Being Available

by Chris Russo | April 09, 2019 | Process, IT Support, Core Values

In our previous post, we discussed the importance of maintaining the Moral High Ground and gave an example of the impact it can have on your support escalation adventures. In this post, we’re going to talk about the often-overlooked importance of...

The Frightening Hidden Costs of an “Inexpensive” IT Services Provider

We sometimes hear from our prospective clients that we’re “expensive.” We hear about other companies who “do what we do, but for less money” and things of that nature. “Apples to apples,” they tell us, but the clients who choose us never seem to...

The Art of Providing Feedback

by Chris Russo | March 26, 2019 | Team, Core Values

A friend of mine used to say, “Cars have horns for a reason!” Granted, this was just after leaning into her horn for three miles while wagging her fist out a window and screaming profanities, but the central core of her wisdom was more poignant...

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