The Positive Impact That Your Credit Union Will See By Outsourcing Your IT Services

by Bryon Beilman | Oct 09, 2018 | Banking, IT Support | 0 comments

It's no secret that many businesses rely heavily on their IT to get their jobs done. For some, this is rather straightforward. But in the finance world where things are heavily regulated, it can play an even more important role due to compliance issues.

Positive Impact That Your Credit Union Will See By Outsourcing Your IT Services

As credit unions continue to compete with large banks for clients and market share, there's one surprising factor that could make a big impact - their IT service. Banks, especially large, national ones, have many resources behind them, which is why they're often quick to embrace technology and roll out new features and apps to their clients. This means that when comparing banking options, some banks may already have a leg up on their credit union competitors before any other factors have been evaluated.

What can credit unions do to keep pace with their banking counterparts? They can benefit from outsourcing their IT services. Outsourcing IT can provide credit unions with a number of positive outcomes. Let’s take a look!

The 4 Positive Outcomes That Your Credit Union Will See By Outsourcing Your IT Services

Positive Impact #1: Reduce Downtime

Less downtime means happier customers, period. Today’s customers are always connected to their devices and on the go. So it’s important that your credit union is too.

A proactive IT environment will not only expedite your internal processes and procedures, but also help to ensure timely communications with your customers. They won’t have to suffer through delayed transactions or other account management needs.

Positive Impact #2: Leverage Outsourced Specialization and Expertise

One of the key benefits of outsourcing your IT services is that you can call on the expertise of every team member at your service provider, rather than relying on the knowledge of just one or two internal IT team members. With this expertise at your disposal, your issues and projects can be remedied and completed swiftly with less trial and error. Additionally, specialists will be able to anticipate any irregularities or problems that may arise and adjust them accordingly.

Positive Impact #3: Drive Modernization

Outsourcing your IT will boost your credit union’s efficiency and modernize your infrastructure.

Unfortunately, credit unions can often find themselves falling behind on:

  • The technology they offer to their customers.
  • Marketing tools, such as their websites.
  • Hardware and software used internally to complete day-to-day operations.

When you outsource your IT, you’ll get additional resources that can stay on top of the routine maintenance and break/fix issues that come up throughout the course of doing business (and that can often overwhelm and bog down a small IT department) while simultaneously undertaking upgrade projects.

Positive Impact #4: Reduce Overall IT Costs

You’ll recognize a decrease in your IT costs. An ideal IT service provider will act with your organization’s business goals in mind, making recommendations that take into account your long-term operational goals and budgets.

Whether your IT service provider operates in conjunction with your in-house IT team or in place of one, you’ll always have experts on hand to complete daily tasks, provide proactive maintenance, and reduce downtime. You won’t have to put out fires and buy new equipment on an emergency basis. With the right IT service provider, your credit union will save money in the long run.

To learn more about how working with an IT service provider can positively impact your credit union, download our whitepaper.

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