Cybersecurity in 2024: Key Takeaways from CompTIA Report

In 2024, we are witnessing an important moment in cybersecurity. With 94% of businesses having experienced a cyberattack in the last year, the cybersecurity landscape is becoming increasingly volatile. As businesses try to adopt digital transformation, the ability to balance between robust cybersecurity measures and operational convenience has become more important and complex. CompTIA's "State of Cybersecurity 2024" report provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and strategies that are shaping the future of cybersecurity. In this blog, we've broken down some takeaways from the report.  

Cybersecurity in 2024

In reading the report, it's clear that cybersecurity is now about more than just protecting your business against external threats. Instead it influences everything from a business’ policymaking to product development.  CompTIA's report is a great resource for businesses that are looking to align their cybersecurity practices with their broader business goals.  


Core Objectives in Cybersecurity 

The report underscores two primary objectives: protecting privacy and critical assets. However, to pursue these goals businesses need to take a broader, more proactive approach that goes well beyond the basics of protection. A robust cybersecurity strategy plays an important role in minimizing operational disruption, making sure a business remains compliant with evolving regulations, and building trust within the corporate brand.  


Driving Forces Behind Cybersecurity Concerns 

Below we’ve listed several factors that were identified in the report as contributing to the escalating scale and complexity of cybersecurity concerns:  

  • Increasing Sophistication of Cybercriminals: There's a noticeable rise in both the number and capability of cybercriminals. 
  • Growing Volume of Data: With more data being captured, businesses face privacy concerns and heightened operational risks.  
  • Impact of Generative AI: The advent of generative AI has accelerated capabilities but also widened the skills gap within businesses.  
  • External Drivers:  Especially for globally operating companies,  increasingly complex government regulations and contractual cybersecurity requirements add another layer of complexity. 


Cybersecurity Experts 

About one-third of businesses are now collaborating with cybersecurity companies, with another third working with technology service providers showing a growing trend of businesses partnering with third-party companies to enhance their cybersecurity strategies. Many of these businesses are learning from earlier experiences in cloud computing and are now focusing on security measures for  migrating to cloud environments. 

Highlighted in the report is the fact that defending against cyber threats is becoming more and more complex for businesses, resulting in the need for a more holistic approach to cybersecurity. Attempting to balance ideal cybersecurity measures with productive operations is a highly specialized skill that will ultimately require an in-depth understanding and strategic application of many cybersecurity elements (AKA cybersecurity experts).  


Your Cybersecurity Strategy 

Our team of experts at iuvo is can provide tailored solutions that enhance your business' defenses. We can help with scalable incident responses, adaptive defenses, or integrating sophisticated cybersecurity technologies. Feel free to check out our Essential Cybersecurity Toolkit for SMBs for more tools and insights.  Contact us today to talk with our team about how iuvo can keep your business secure in 2024 and beyond.  




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