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How iuvo Technologies Empowers Businesses in a Cloud-First World

by Bryon Beilman | Nov 08, 2018 | Security, IT Support | 0 comments

At iuvo Technologies, we do more than just provide superior (if we do say so ourselves) outsourced IT services. We deliver highly-trained IT specialists and consulting to provide value and savings to our clients by helping their IT stay up and running and elevate their business results.

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We’re not just an IT service provider - we think of ourselves as part of your team. Therefore, your success is our success. In fact, the only way that we can empower your business is to engrain ourselves into your day-to-day operations. By doing this, we’re able to isolate and ease your organizational pain points and initiatives, while also working with you to plan for long-term growth and transitions.

As cloud computing has firmly planted itself at the forefront of all things IT, we’ve committed ourselves even further to empowering businesses in this cloud-first world.

Here’s what we mean:

We Make the Best Recommendations for Your Business

The first order of empowering businesses is to make recommendations that benefit their unique, specific organizations. At this point in time, it’s probably safe to say that cloud computing is, in fact, a viable option for most businesses. However, selecting the right cloud services and options is an entirely separate beast.

When we’re evaluating the various cloud options for our clients we not only aim to recommend services that fit their existing needs and solve current problems, but also products that will provide them with long-lasting benefits, such as cost-savings. Additionally, we take a look at their organization as a whole and strive to make recommendations based on their company goals. If they’re planning a rapid expansion within the next few months or years, we make sure to recommend services capable of meeting that growth.

We Ensure Data Is Secure and Backed Up

One of the main concerns we hear from clients when discussing the cloud is whether their data is safe. We can firmly say that we would never recommend a solution that wasn’t safe. Cloud storage is one of the safest options and provides a number of benefits to its users.

Consider this. Google houses trillions of terabytes of data for Gmail and Google Drive users, and there has never been a major data breach. For starters, using cloud storage and cloud apps provides a level of scalability to organizations that is unparalleled. In most instances, you can simply increase your storage and license needs on the fly, rather than having to migrate to an entirely new storage provider or purchase bulk licenses.

Cloud applications and storage also provide users with the peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about on-site storage. In the event of a power outage or disaster scenario your data will be safe in the cloud, rather stuck on a server that’s finding out the hard way that it isn’t waterproof.

To learn more about what it would be like to work with iuvo Technologies, check out our eBook What To Expect When You’re Expecting IT.

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