Startups: Why IT Is Important & How iuvo Technologies Can Help With Growth


Over the years, we’ve served clients in pretty much every industry. Banks, credit unions, pharmaceutical, biotech, government, professional services. You name it, we’ve been there. Interestingly, however, we have found that a high percentage of our clients have been startups. It just happens to be something we understand well, in no small part because we were once one ourselves.  While we’ve certainly come a long way (a long way) from our “two people in the COO’s basement” roots, we’re still a relatively small company today, so we still totally get the challenges of small businesses.



Why Work with Startups?

Well, first, they are passionate. They’re trying to accomplish something big. People who start businesses rarely do it because they’re bored. (Can you imagine?) They do it because they had an amazing idea or were certain they could do something better than someone else. These are our kinds of people! We started iuvo for the very same reason, so we can relate- and, we want to see people succeed! How could we not? Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something bigger than themselves? Who wouldn’t want to be involved in an initiative that would make the world a better place?


Second, we work with so many startups because there is so much raw material to start with, and relatively little momentum to have to unwind. That may sound cryptic, but I can explain. When businesses have been around for a while, they’ve already implemented technologies to run their business. But sometimes those technologies are implemented as a best effort by some incredibly capable people- but people who are not necessarily 20+ year information technology veterans. Or those capable people hired “another IT services firm”, and many of these firms aren’t fully equipped to handle the particular needs of startups. This results in infrastructure solutions that are not always architected to balance the cost-saving needs of a new business with the benefits of the latest, most secure and most robust trends in technology. But when we can get in there early- sometimes literally as a company is pouring the foundation for their building- we can avoid all of those speed bumps and help our client make right-sized decisions that will enable their business today, and allow them to scale easily and fluidly with their future success.


Restating that a little more simply… we get in early, we help businesses make good technology and business decisions, and they can then spend their time focused on making their business successful, and not worry if their employees can do their work, or if their data is safe from loss and secure from compromise. That’s the kind of peace of mind that we like our partners to have.


Finally, we find that startups value not just our experience with startups, but some of the more unusual elements in how we approach all our clients. There are many things that are unique about iuvo Technologies, but of particular note to startups:

  • We hire only seasoned professionals (average of 18+ years of experience across the company).
  • We assign these people in dedicated teams and on-site time is included and expected, so our people know understand your people and your
  • We have flexible contracts that allow us to bend and shift with your businesses changing needs.
  • We have a dedicated Client Success team whose only function is to make sure our services are aligned to your business strategy.


It’s also worth noting that we also have quite a bit of experience being the IT provider that came in a little later in the business life cycle. Sometimes new businesses make the lower cost choice. Business needs are business needs, and- on the surface- we’re not always the cheapest solution. Oftentimes businesses will find it’s not just how many dollars you spend, it’s more about what is done with those dollars, and what it may cost in diminished productivity or data loss down the road. But many will eventually come to us. And we’re happy to be there. Sure, we love getting in early- it just makes everything better for everyone, but if you really need someone to help you unravel what has been done in the past, then we’re also an excellent choice, because we also know very much what that looks like, and how to get from where you are today, to the relative ideal of where you would like to be tomorrow in small, predictable, measured and affordable steps.


Again… as I said... we understand startups. We get the challenges. We’ll help you achieve your goals.


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