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The Quandary of Limited Power

by Chris Russo | February 21, 2019 |

This is the third post in a series on The Art of Vendor Escalation Management. If you have not yet done so, I recommend going back and reading this and this first. It’ll fill you in on some key fundamentals, and also help avoid questions like...

The Surprising Complexities of Communication in Vendor Escalations

by Chris Russo | February 12, 2019 |

In this second post in a series on the The Art of Vendor Escalation Management, I will be focusing on critical aspects of communication. You might be saying to yourself, “Well, of course communication is critical. That’s obvious!” And I would...

The Art of Vendor Escalation Management

by Chris Russo | February 05, 2019 |

The unavoidable truth of life in a market economy is that sometimes the service or product that you purchase from a vendor completely and utterly fails. From something as basic as a botched order from your local diner, to something as complex as...

Why I Love My Job - Picture Postcards from iuvo Technologies

by Chris Russo | December 05, 2017 | Uncategorized

I'm a photographer, and a writer, so It occurred to me that it might be fun to combine the two things to share some of my experiences working here at iuvo Technologies. Here is my first attempt. (mind you- this one was just a cell phone picture-...

Customer Service and Jordan's Furniture

by Chris Russo | December 03, 2017 | Uncategorized

My wife and I tend to shop at Jordan's when we need furniture. And no, it's not just because of the fresh cinnamon donuts from the fascinating little machine in the foyer, but I must admit I have now permanently associated couches with...

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