Making People Successful

I don’t know exactly what it is, or what drives me, but I love nothing more in life than to help other people succeed. It just makes me happy. I’m basically addicted to that feeling.



This is probably why I was teaching computer courses after school when I was thirteen. It’s likely why I loved the customer service elements of working in boutique retail computer stores and pet stores (people coming in looking for help, and I could help them!). It’s why I have mentored people in their careers- both for people who work at iuvo and people I know who do not. And it’s why I was pretty much brought to tears when a person I had once advised sent me a personal letter of gratitude for the advice I had given.


It’s why I work here at iuvo Technologies.


You see, everyone I work with is like this. Everyone here gives their time and experience to others in some way… in many ways… from volunteering for the Boy Scouts, to working to support local theatre and arts groups, to charity work. I couldn’t possibly list all the things that our people do to give to others. It’s just a part of our culture, and it’s a huge aspect of what we do for our clients. I could say something marketing-y like “Our Clients’ Success is OUR Success!”, and that is certainly true, but it has nothing to do with the reality of it, which is simply we help, because we love seeing others succeed. And we’re always trying to find clever ways to do more of this.


Now, mind you, iuvo Technologies consists entirely of “technologists who enjoy talking to people” and “technologists who can speak about technology without lots of techno mumbo-jumbo” and “technologists who understand business needs”, but at our core, we are still technologists. Our DNA is all about those crazy bits and bytes that make our clients’ businesses run. We are geared perfectly to take our clients’ technology and transform it from a burden to a strategic advantage. This is something we like to call our “chaos to clarity” story, and there are so many examples of this kind of success.


But one thing we have to admit is that our amazing technologists are a little less used to working at the highest level- speaking to our clients’ business strategy, talking with C-level executives about their three and five-year plans, and ensuring that we are taking this now-amazing technological rocket-ship, aiming it at the business goals of the future, and igniting that sucker and making it fly.


And that is what our new Client Success Program is all about. It is a dedicated team of professionals focused exclusively on understanding our clients’ business goals, working with our amazing team of experienced technical professionals, and binding the two together in ways that even we never before imagined… to help our clients in ways we had never previously considered… to give them every opportunity to shine… and, most importantly, to do everything we can to make them succeed.


Why are we doing this?

Well, really just because we love to help.

That’s just who we are.


If you’d like to hear more about this program, or any aspect of iuvo Technologies and how we might be able to help you, please feel free to contact us any time.



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