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Online Safety Educational Series

iuvo Technologies recently started a special internal team, called the “iuvo Betterment Committee”, dedicated to making us an even better place to work. This group is focused inward to find ways to improve how our members work and play but also...

The Benefits of Unified Communications

by Jeff Beard | September 03, 2019 | Team, IT Support, Microsoft Office 365

Business doesn't get done without effective communication. The last time you needed to reach your team urgently, how many different tools did you need to use? Were you able to reach everyone successfully and in a reasonable amount of time?

Two-Factor Authentication in Microsoft 365

by Jeff Beard | February 28, 2019 |

When it comes to data security, two-factor authentication is on the first line of defense. After implementing a strong password on your devices, the next best thing you can do is enable two-factor authentication to ensure that the only people...

Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Which Collaboration Tool Is Best for Your Business?

by Jeff Beard | February 20, 2019 | Microsoft Office 365

Are you getting ready to begin a new project and wondering what’s the best way to manage all of the moving pieces between departments? Or perhaps you’re already knee-deep in a project that seems to be getting more complicated and disorganized by...

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